The #1 Reason I’ll Unfollow, Block Or Uncircle Someone On Social Media

The most annoying thing about Tumblr, Twitter and now Google+ is the excessive link posting by people!

While it’s great that people share content, there’s always somebody that goes to the extreme and posts link after link. Usually it’s not something I get wound up about. That is until I logged into Google+ this morning and thought I’d give my two cents on the subject.

Why You’re Losing Followers By Posting Too Much

Now the whole point of posting updates to your feeds is to:

  1. Post something personal that’s on your mind
  2. Share content you think will be valuable to your followers
  3. Start a discussion about something

A common theme with those three is that they encourage engagement. Combine them together and you’ve got a killer social media strategy that gets you more followers and more opportunities.

That’s why everyone wants more followers! So the basic thinking goes like this – post regularly to stay top of mind and you’ll get more followers.

Sadly, a lot of people have confused sharing valuable content with jamming up my newsfeed with their posts. Of which – even if I wanted to – don’t even have time to go through because they just posted something new! What they’ve forgotten is that their content needs to have some substance to it. But if they’re just firing out links, I just can’t take it seriously! So then, it becomes a credibility issue.

Your Credibility Just Went Down The Drain

Seriously! On what planet do people think that this sort of practice will get them any followers. I’m sure there are some suckers out there who have followed people like that and put up with it (me included up until now!). But after seeing their profile picture for the 18th time (or more) in a row, 2 seconds apart. I start to wonder whether they’re a credible source for curated content.

I mean they have to be pretty fast readers to go through an 800 word article in 2 seconds right? So that’s when you’ve lost me! And I make my way to the dreaded Unfollow button to click!

And that my friends, is the #1 reason I will unfollow, uncircle or block someone. Along with those irritating auto DMs – it’s just spammy!

So what do you think – does posting excessively do more harm to your follower count than good?


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