With a plethora of blogs online, it’s hard remembering all the awesome websites you’ve visited.

Read it later apps such Pocket, Readability and Instapaper help to a certain extent. But don’t allow you to view or discover more content from the same source – unless of course there’s a similar posts section on the page.

Blogs feed off loyal readers returning back for more and sharing them to their friends. And while we can try really hard to remember to visit every single blog, the reality is we’ll probably remember to visit up to five everyday.

What this means, is that even though you’re publishing quality content, there will be readers who will forget to check back in.

Unless of course, you have something that makes it easy for everyone to stay updated on your recent posts. And that’s where an RSS feed comes to the rescue.

3 Reasons Why Your Blog Needs an RSS Feed

1. Convenience

These days, people use RSS feed readers such as Google Reader or a desktop application such as Reeder for Mac. Subscribing via RSS onto one of those apps is easy. But more importantly it lets your visitors organize feeds according to topics and interests. Of course you can bookmark the site on your browser, but you’d still have to remember to return back.

2. More returning visitors

When you enable people to subscribe with RSS, they’re more likely to return back and read your content. They have your feed neatly listed on their reader where they’re notified of a new post, from which they can simply click to read it. Having a RSS feed just makes the whole process easier!

3. There’s no barrier to subscribing

Some blogs like to give you the option of subscribing and receiving content via email. While having the choice is great, and some people actually do prefer getting email updates. Giving away your email address can be something of a barrier for people

There’s always that lingering doubt that our inbox will get flooded with annoying emails. I don’t know about you, but personally, i try to avoid giving away my email address as much as possible.

With RSS, your readers have complete control over what content they want to view, and there’s no need to submit an email address.

The easiest way to set up your feed is by signing into Google’s FeedBurner, and adding your blog URL to create a feed. In my opinion It’s simply the fastest and best way to manage your feed. Plus it lets you view data on your feed, much Google Analytics does for websites, but on a smaller and simpler scale.

So there you have it, three reasons why your blog needs an RSS feed. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog via RSS