What is Vine? Twitter’s New Video Sharing App

Twitter recently launched its new social video editing app, Vine. The app lets users create, edit and share looping videos which are 6 seconds long within the app.

Vine videos are similar to GIFs, but on steroids. I first signed up with my Twitter account the day after it launched and found myself glued to my iPhone screen. And don’t worry, there weren’t as many cat videos as I first suspected.

What Vine does is make video editing a breeze. By allowing users to do so right within the app, it’s incredibly easy for anyone to make fun video clips on the fly.

Video Editing At Your Fingertips

A mere touch of your finger starts the recording, and pulling it away pauses it, which gives you time to change the angle of the shot or simply remove an object to make it appear as if you’re doing magic trick. But those are just two ways you can use it and there’s an endless supply of ways you can create videos.

The intuitive nature of Vine gives you a medium to share and record creative videos at a moments notice. It puts the user in the director’s seat. Much like Instagram lets peoples create stunning photos

Social Integration With Twitter

At the moment, the app is only available on iOS. However, Vine is fully integrated with Twitter and enables users to post their videos straight to their twitter stream. Although sharing with other social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr is virtually non-existent right now.

There appears to be hope for the Tumblr community with Vineit. And as time passes, we can expect more integration and tools to pop up.

It’s still early days for Vine, but things look promising. I for one am enjoying it and planning on creating more videos.

What are your thoughts? Will Vine be a resounding success – or will the hype just fade away? Let us know by commenting below.


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