Copywriting is promotion with the use of words. It’s used to promote companies, products, services and in some instances individuals. You’ve come across copywriting whenever you’ve read a print advertisment, visited a commercial website, received a sales letter from the bank or opened up a corporate brochure.

The main purpose of copywriting is to sell something. Companies hire copywriters to increase sales, generate leads or to generate enquiries. The desired response is to entice the reader to do something – say for example; subscribing to a company’s newsletter, ordering a brochure or buying an item. And the copywriter is responsible for increasing the likelihood of it happening

How can copywriting persuade readers to act?

Kanguro: Copywriter in Turku, Finland

Writing is just one part of a copywriters skill set. Besides writing, copywriters are also aware of psychological and advertising techniques to use for persuasion.  Our main objective is first to get the reader interested in what we have to say and we do this with attractive headlines. Typically, a benefit is presented in the headline to get readers excited.

Later on, the body of the copy is composed of benefits the product delivers for the reader. The underlying assumption I work with is why would anybody read what I have to say unless it has something of value to offer them.

In the end, copywriters finish off with a call to action. We don’t leave the reader guessing what they should do next.

Copy can be a powerful weapon for marketing and advertising as it does the selling for you when your sales force isn’t around. Words can have a huge influential impact on who ever is reading your marketing materials. You get to decide how you want the reader to feel with the copy and what emotions you want to stimulate.

What are the copywriter’s responsibilities?

Today, a copywriter has to be a combination of big picture thinker and a writer. As creatives, copywriters need to think up ideas that make their clients differentiate from their competitors.

The copy needs to be in written in converstational tone. And explain the product or service in a simple and clarified way to the reader. This means the focus is on you (the reader) and not on yourself. In addition to that, academic writing has no place in brochures, emails or in any other medium where you need to promote and sell. The copy has to be personal!

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