What Does A Copywriter Do?

What does a copywriter do? That’s a question I hear quite often.  Which why this post is designed specifically for those who want to learn about what a copywriter does.

If you asked me to explain in one sentence – what does a copywriter do? I wouldn’t be able to give you a straightforward answer. I could say we use words to sell and promote products. On the other hand, we also help businesses communicate more effectively. And, to take it up a notch, we also create engagement with our style of writing.

All of the above are valid answers to the question. Yet for all the writing you think we do, a modern-day copywriter’s job description spans way over into other areas you wouldn’t have guessed before you started reading this post.

Gone are the days where the only medium of communication was print, radio and television. The Internet has not only changed the way we go about our lives but has also changed the role of the copywriter.

What Does A Copywriter Do?

Design Thinking

Whenever a client hires Kanguro, design thinking is the process that’s used to develop solutions for them.

Most of the copywriter’s time will be spent on brainstorming for ideas that solves the client’s problem. From which we analyze to determine the most suitable solutions for the context of the problem. And where we later give birth to those ideas to bring them to life – the proper way.

Jack Of All Trades

Although writing is a passion for copywriters, the technology around us has changed our job description to include more than just writing.

What you should expect from a quality copywriter is not only an ability to write, but also be familiar with WordPress, some basic html coding and how to use Photoshop.

Even though our responsibility is still writing, we still immerse ourselves in keeping up with the latest technologies.

Creating Engagement

Although copywriters are selling with their writing, the emergence of social media has enabled brands and businesses to talk to each other. One of our responsibilities today is be interactive and keep the conversation going

And as more customers migrate online, they’re now consuming content more than ever with blogs, status updates or tweets. The copywriter plays a pivotal role here in creating content that keeps the customer entertained.

Triggering Emotions

People buy things based on emotion. Fear leads us to buying home insurance and bicycle locks. Stress makes us want to book that relaxing spa weekend.

Copywriters find out what emotions trigger the customer part with their hard-earned cash. With every project, we put ourselves into the buyer’s shoes to figure out what makes them tick.

Combining Ideas Into Original Content

Consumers have become sharper in spotting hidden advertising messages and have come to find the hard sell distasteful. This has shifted the advertising landscape for consumers to no longer tolerate the  outbound marketing we have come to dislike.

The focus for the copywriter today is not in crafting clever headlines – consumers have become smarter than that.  But to deliver content that’s relevant to the life of the consumers.

Copywriters develop content that’s relevant and original for the consumer to stay entertained. You’ve probably noticed our Jack Bauer and Barney Stinson guides on our blog, both of which have proofed very popular among our readers.

Storytelling And Keeping It Simple

At Kanguro, a lot of the projects we get hired for involve crafting engaging stories around brands. And making the complicated into simple and desirable propositions for consumers.

What does a copywriter do to make this happen? We ask you lots of questions, do our research and try out different solutions for your content. Our job is to make your brand an attractive option for your target audience.

Want to learn more about how a copywriter can help transform your business? Feel free to contact Kanguro. We love hearing from you.

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