6 Practical Ways Startups Can Use A Blog

startups bloggingLet’s face it – startups aren’t exactly swimming in a pool of cash like Scrooge McDuck!

So when it comes to letting the world know about your awesome startup, you need to get resourceful and creative to get noticed. This is when a blog comes to the rescue.

Most people tend to overlook the potential of maintaining an active blog for the following reasons:

  1. They don’t know what to write
  2. They’re too busy to write
  3. They think it’s a waste of time

That last one really gets to me because it’s the most idiotic thing a person can say. You mean to tell me that attracting more visitors and leads to your website is a waste of time? That’s right! Those are just some benefits startups can experience when they get serious about blogging.

Another thing to consider is that research shows companies who blog generate 67% more leads per month than those who don’t. Meaning those startups who don’t blog are leaving money on the table and losing business!!

Your blog is where you set up camp and invite everybody in. It’s the entry point for new guests when they find you on Google. And when you’re publishing regularly, you setting up more entry points for people to find you. Here are just six ways you can use a blog for promotion and get the world buzzing about your startup.

What Can Startups Do With A Blog?

1. Announcements

What better way to announce the release of a new product or technology than from your very own blog. It will be the first place people visit to get the latest on what’s happening. And because they’re on your blog, you have a better chance of signing them up as users.

2. Record Your Startup Events

If you’re being interviewed or giving a talk at an event, record it (video or audio) and upload it to your blog. You can even make a little mini-documentary about what happens at the office. Giving your visitors a glimpse into the life of a startup.

3. Express Opinions

A blog is a platform for your entire startup. It’s a place where you can comment on industry news and just about anything related to your startup. The blogosphere is where opinionated posts get rewarded handsomely with loads of traffic.

4. Drive More People To Your Website

Quality content drives more people to your site. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to bring new users on board. And gives them a reason to come back when you publish regularly.

5. Getting Valuable Feedback

Enable comments and expect a flood of feedback on new announcements and product releases. Social media can work just as well here. But with a blog, the conversation stays on your website.

6.Build Relationships

Reach out to bloggers and let them know about your startup. A blog comes in handy here because you can also ask if they want to contribute.

In return they get a link back to their site and the added exposure of being on your blog. Another thing to remember is that they will also promote the content they published to their network which expands your reach.

Alternatively you can ask bloggers to review your product and that you will promote their review, regardless if it’s negative or positive.

The quickest way to start blogging is to visit Tumblr, WordPress or Blogger and sign up for a free blog. Personally I’d go with a self-hosted WordPress blog because it gives you way much more flexibility, and better customisation options.

Did we miss something? Let us know other ways startups can use a blog

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