14 Ways A Business Can Use Vine For Marketing

14 Ways A Business Can Use Vine For MarketingVine has brought a breath of fresh air into social media. With it’s 6 second looping videos, and the creativity being demonstrated by its users – its hard to take your eyes off the application.

But if you’re a business owner, you will be wondering how you can use Vine to market your business.

Well, with any new social network, it’s always good to get involved early on and learn all the tricks before everyone jumps on board. But you can never be sure a social network is going to take off and remain popular over the long haul (Google Buzz anyone?). However Vine not only has Twitter seal of approval (since it’s owned by Twitter) but also lets user easily create video without worrying about the editing process afterwards.

Now, you might be asking, “How is this different from YouTube?” For one, YouTube doesn’t combine video editing and creation into one simple process like Vine does. Second, Vine is more mobile friendly, meaning that if an idea suddenly strikes you – all you have to do is just whip out your iPhone and start recording. The barrier to recording for Vine is much lower than for YouTube.

So, how can your business use Vine for marketing? Here some ideas to get you started.

14 Ways A Business Can Use Vine For Marketing

  1. Product demonstrations
  2. User guides, six seconds long
  3. Capture office atmosphere
  4. (Very) short interviews with staff and customers
  5. Show off new features on product
  6. One word testimonials from happy customers
  7. Show everybody how you made your product in 6 seconds
  8. A day in the life of a CEO, programer, sales person, accountant, etc
  9. Ask a question to your audience
  10. Cover trade shows, speeches or just about any event you attend
  11. Spread some love to local businesses, e.g. restaurants, gyms cafes, etc
  12. And for any products you love using
  13. Record headshots of all your employees into one video
  14. Make a video of your product in different colors and let buyers tap the video to stop it and decide which color to buy

Another thing I forgot to mention, is that discovering new videos and people to follow on Vine is incredibly easy. Its Explore feature categorizes different types of videos based on their tags.

Above all else, getting creative with your videos is at the heart of getting noticed by more people. The ideas I mentioned are just a few examples of how you can market your business with Vine. And I hope you come up with many more.

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