Everyone can be creative! Even though you don’t believe it yourself, you still have that ability to create something unique.

Remember playing around with Lego? I certainly do! You probably spent hours on end trying to come up with different things to build with the pieces you had available.

But what has happened since then? At least to stop you from being creative. Well, for one, we’re not kids anymore. But we don’t just lose that ability, it’s there somewhere trying to break through. There must more be more to it than just age.

Here are 5 things that can prevent you from being a creative genius:

1. Simple turns into complicated

You have an idea, it’s simple and straightforward. Nothing complicated and no flashy fireworks to speak of, at least in the beginning. You’re really excited about the idea and start talking to friends and colleagues

Later, after you’ve spoken, you start questioning the simplicity of the idea. Your colleagues are saying it needs to do more if you want to get funding. Your friends say, “It’s a good idea, but do you really expect people to pay for it?”

Heck, you might even hear people telling you that you’re being too ambitious! I’ve been told that on a few occasions and it infuriated me!

Don’t fall into this trap into believing you need to turn a simple idea into something complicated. You might get discouraged by all this talk but stay the course! You’re better off keeping it simple and testing it before adding new features.

2. The work of others

You might be looking at what Steve Jobs has achieved at Apple or what emerging start-ups are cooking up in their basements. And be thinking to yourself that you couldn’t possibly do these people are doing!

This hampers your confidence to a degree that you’ll talk yourself out of doing something creative. It’s better to try and fail than to do nothing at all. Because at least you’ll learn from it and be better prepared for future ventures.

And don’t worry about not having the necessary skills! You’re more than capable of learning them on the way.

3. Future & past failures

Speaking of failures, you might be put off completely by trying again. Remember hurdlers also stumble and fall, but still get up and continue sprinting.

Don’t let your failing hold you back and accept that not everything will be a success. Keep a positive outlook on things and embrace what you’ve learned in the process.

you’ve done something similar before, but failed miserably
afraid of failing again in the future

4. Past successes

Perhaps you had huge success in your past endeavors. But there are some lingering doubts running around in your head saying, you can‘t possibly replicate that success again.

If you’ve had success in the past, you’re more than capable of repeating that feat again. Possibly even doing a better job at it too. Don’t let the past hold you back and focus on the future.

Summing up, all of the points above relate to your confidence and faith in your skills. If you want to be creative, you have to believe you can be creative and NOT be afraid of appearing weird in front of others. Remember, you’re still the same person who enjoyed playing around building things out of Lego.