The Fundamentals Of Remarkable Content

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It’s no secret that remarkable content is the key to getting noticed and all those shares on social media. The fundamental premise is that content which delivers value will spread all over the web for everyone to see.

While remarkable content is being touted by everyone involved in inbound marketing as the savior of marketing your business on a shoe string budget. Many beginners are left in the dark as to what constitutes “remarkable”. I used to be one of them, and am constantly learning.

Remarkable content can take many different forms. In fact it’s not just blog posts that can get your business more exposure. Podcasts, eBooks, photos, infographics and webinars can all play a part in your inbound marketing arsenal.

Nevertheless, we’re still stuck on makes content truly remarkable.

Fortunately my post over at Cuutio goes into more detail. But for a sneak peak, here’s the short version:

  • It’s real i.e. not staged and 100% perfect
  • It’s delivers what people want
  • It’s passionate and unique
  • It’s unexpected

For more information check out the full post: The Anatomy of Remarkable Content

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