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The most successful side in English football with 19 Premier League titles – Manchester United is always a competitive force to be reckoned with. Never write them off to win the Champions League (ahem, 1999 Champions League Final) or mount a serious challenge for the league. Despite the emergence of Russian billionaires and Sheikhs increasing the spending power of Chelsea and Man City respectively. The Red Devils always appear to be fighting for the top prizes football has to offer.

Needless to say, your product also needs to have a competitive edge to make it in the market and grow your business.

So what makes Man Utd different from their Premier League rivals – and how can you tell if your product has the competitiveness of the Red Devils? Below you’ll find three questions to help you determine if your product can be the Manchester United of the market.

Does your product have the competitiveness of Manchester United?

1. Does It Offer A Clear Advantage Over Your Rivals?

Make a list of all the things your product does better than the competiton. Focus on the benefits, shamelessly promote them and keep it consistent! You want everyone to remember why you’re better and different from the others.

For instance, United has Sir Alex at the helm, a stadium that fits 75 000 fans and a youth academy that produced the likes of Beckham, the Neville brothers, Giggs and Scholes.

Manchester United offers their fans a chance to be part of an amazing experience in a fantastic stadium nicknamed the Theatre of Dreams, and witness the greatest British manager take charge in the dugout.

2. Are Your Advantages Sustainable?

Identify advantages others cannot easily replicable with your product. For example it could be design, the competence of your team, branding, engineering, etc. Then to establish whether your advantages are sustainable, estimate how long it would take for others to catch up with you.

Knowledge and informational products such as books and research papers are hard to copy, because the contents and value those products deliver are based on the knowledge and thoughts of the auhtor. Along with patents, they’re protected to an extent from being copied by others.

With Manchester United, the club has a philosophy of a never say die attitude. Something that is not easy to copy for other football clubs. This philosophy is much like a product being protected by a patent. The advantage is the togetherness and skills of the team, which are strengthened by the culture of the football club and the man management skills of Sir Alex Ferguson.

3. Can It Defend Against Counter Attacks?

In response to the intoduction of your new product and its success. Your competitors will respond with a counter attack. They might cut prices, or increase ad expenditure for their products. Regardless of what your competitors do – your product needs to withstand the offensives from others to remain competitive.

Man Utd has overcome many threats from rival teams. Most notably the increased spending power of teams like Chelsea and neighbors Man City, which has led to astronomical wages and transfer fees.

Despite this shift in purchasing power, Manchester United still manages to bring success both on and off-field. According to a recent survey by the club, it claims to have 659 million fans globally and remains the most valuable brand in football (2012).

Bottom line, make your customers happy and offer an experience they’ll never forget. And your product might just well compete on a similar like Man Utd – but it’ll take time to reach that level. Create products that people love, keep on innovating to stay in top form and adapt like Sir Alex Ferguson has done the past 20 years.

Does your product compete like Manchester United? Leave a comment and tell everybody about your awesome product!

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