screenshot of poster for iPhone

Blogging on the go, from an iOS device has been something I’ve been looking into lately. After some research I came across Blogsy, BlogPress, Posts and Poster.

Ultimately I decided to go with Poster, a WordPress blog publishing app available for both the iPad and iPhone. However you’ll have to be running iOS 6, which puts my tablet blogging plans on hold since I’m still packing a first generation iPad (for now). And you’ll have to part with €2,69 to get your hands on the app.

So for this review, I’ll be writing it on my iPhone 4S. Not ideal considering the size of the screen, but I should be able to get an idea as to whether the iPhone and iPad can be productivity tools. I also won’t be using a bluetooth keyboard, or anything other than my smartphone.

Here’s a brief rundown on the app and my take on Poster.

Poster for iPhone Review

First Impressions

After reading what various blogger had to say about Poster and looking at the screenshots, it felt like a well designed app. It’s sleek, keeps it simple and remains functional. No need to look up for help here, the interface just makes sense. Having used it to publish this post, I got to say that I like it and feels much better than the official WordPress iOS app.

Noteworthy Features

Image uploading works fine, and you can specify titles and alt tags for your pictures too – ideal for SEO!

Poster also supports Dropbox integration, allowing you to sync your text files and open them in the app.

There’s also markdown support, which is great for putting in your headers with ease. You can write your posts within the app using markdown as it provides you with the formatting options above the keyboard.

Poster also lets you customise the URL, add categories, assign tags to your posts and schedule your publishing. Giving you the essentials of WordPress while you’re mobile.

Final Thoughts

So did I enjoy writing my first blog post on my iPhone? Not so much. But Poster made it a pleasant experience. And shows that you can publish posts with just a smartphone. However, this is a short post and I did write it in the comfort of my own home. I can only assume that the iPad version would be much more productive in typing out longer posts. At least editing would be easier on a larger screen and you’ll have less typos too.

Nevertheless Poster is well worth the money. And makes posting from my iPhone easy. However it would be nice to have a word count in the app and have the option to hide the formatting bar. It just takes too much screen real estate in landscape orientation.