23 Little Known Ways To Motivate Yourself To Blog Everyday

Setting up a blog is easy! Updating it and writing quality content is the hard part. There’s no such thing as an overnight success in blogging. And people who think publishing once a month is going to bring them a ton of traffic to their website are just delusional.

Now you’re probably quite disheartened with what you just read in the first paragraph. It doesn’t really drive you to sit down everyday and write a blog post. A blog is easy to set up but when folks realize that it needs some hard work – that’s when your motivation goes down the drain.

As with any activity that requires commitment, motivation is the key to sticking with it and doing a damn good job of it. Think about the last you had to do something you really didn’t want to do. I bet you did the bare minimum. Don’t worry I’m not here to point fingers. Personally I hate hoovering and I’m pretty lousy at it too.

But with blogging, the special ingredient to making it work for you and your business is publishing content regularly. Writing a post once a week is a good start. However I recommend 3-5 posts a week to give people more entry points to your blog via search engines and social media

Now you’re probably wondering, “Three to five posts a week, are you crazy!?” No I’m not, just realistic. When you set up a blog, you want lots of visitors to visit your site. The only way you can achieve that is through writing quality blog posts frequently. It’s now that motivation becomes crucial to your blogging success

Trust me, you won’t be motivated everyday to write a blog post. So how do you push yourself and motivate yourself when you’re running low. Here are 23 ways to find your motivation and start creating content daily.

23 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Blog Everyday

  1. Ignore your analytics figures and just focus on content creation
  2. Never give up and keep pushing forward
  3. Write everyday to become a better blogger
  4. Stop procrastinating and just get on with it
  5. Visualize the success blogging regularly will bring you
  6. Make an editorial calendar
  7. Remember that you are unique, there’s nobody else like you
  8. Never lose sight of the end goal
  9. Enjoy what you’re doing
  10. Believe in yourself
  11. Read something inspirational to get you pumped
  12. Go the extra mile, that’s when you improve the most
  13. Focus on the positives
  14. Publicly announce that you’ll blog everyday
  15. Get support from friends and family
  16. Slowly pick up the pace. Write once a week and add an extra post each week until you reach your publishing goal
  17. Ask for help when you’re stuck
  18. Subscribe to blogs that will make you a better blogger
  19. Time yourself and turn it into a competition
  20. Challenge yourself to get more shares, likes and comments with each blog post
  21. Warmup before your blog post by writing in a journal everyday (If you’re on a Mac and iOS, I highly recommend Day One)
  22. Reward yourself every time you hit Publish
  23. Find a place to write that inspires you and allows you to be super productive (e.g. outside, cafe, library, shared office etc.)

So there you have it, 23 ways to get yourself out of a slump and start blogging. For more tips on how to get started with writing quality content, you might want to check out my free ebook: 10 Secrets to Writing Content that Sells and Grows Your Business

Oh and if you think you don’t have enough time to blog – this 622-word post took me less than 40 minutes to write! My secret? I write what’s on my mind with no filters on, just like writing a journal.

What do you do when you’re low on motivation?


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