With 161 million members spanning over 200 countries – LinkedIn is the world’s largest network for professionals. Needless to say, knowing your way around the social network can help do wonders for your career and business.

For some, LinkedIn is used as an online Rolodex for their network. While others use it to its fullest by using it for recruiting, sales and prospecting. And yet there’s still more to LinkedIn that meets the eye.

Besides the obvious of showcasing your resume to potential employers. LinkedIn has numerous other ways for you and your business to leverage its large coverage.

24 ways technology companies can use LinkedIn

1. Join groups related to your industry and network with its members

2. Link Twitter with your LinkedIn account

3. Share useful articles with your groups and connections

4. Ask for feedback in groups

5. Start a discussion on a relevant topic in your industry

6. Prospect for potential partnerships

7. Use the search feature on LinkedIn to reach out to potential customers

8. Search for your next employee by filtering results by location, job title & company

9. Research prospects before meeting them and find something in common you can discuss

10. Upgrade membership and use InMail to contact prospects outside your network

11. Use your connections and ask for introductions to others you want to connect with

12. See who in your network would benefit from know each other and introduce them

13. Use polls and surveys to conduct market research

14. Show your expertise by answering questions in Questions and Answers

15. Upload a presentation of your company using the SlideShare widget

16. Use the status update to showcase your products and examples of your work

17. Start a group around your business, product or industry

18. Reach out to happy customers and ask for recommendations

19. Find experts in your industry and ask them to guest post for your blog

20. Integrate your blog feed into your profile

21. Set up a Company Page for our business

22. Post job vacancies to let people know you’re looking for talented individuals

23. Keep in touch with your connections and congratulate them on promotions or title changes

24. Set up LinkedIn messages to be delivered to your email so you can reply immediately

Just like with blogging and social media marketing –  you need to keep the effort going consistently in order to get results. Logging into LinkedIn once a month won’t do the trick. Instead of stretching yourself thin and being on every network available – maintain a presence on the networks that you feel will deliver the most to you.