It’s early in the morning, you’ve brushed your teeth, made your coffee and ready to browse the internet. So what’s the first page you visit? If you’re like most internet users, it’s probably a search engine and – let’s not kid ourselves – it’s most likely Google!

It’s the most used search engine by far, which has given birth to numerous blogs and companies focusing exclusively on helping businesses get found on Google. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is all about ranking highly for search queries and keywords your target audience is typing.

If you’re a business, SEO should be one of your top marketing priorities because it helps feed your sales funnel. It’s also a relatively cheap method of driving potential customers to your website.

When you get started with SEO, one of the first you learn about is the importance of building links back to your website.

In the eyes of Google, your website is considered more credible depending on the number of authoritative websites linking back to yours.

So where do you start? Here’s a short list of what you can do to start building links.

6 Practical Link Building Strategies

Use keywords as anchor text: Pages become more descriptive to Google when you use relevant keywords as your anchor text. Make sure you also link internally to your own content using the same keywords, both internally and externally.

Social media marketing: Google+ is essentially the place to be as it indexes your content as soon as you post it to your profile.

Social bookmarking sites: Simply submit your content to sites like; Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Delicious. They can drive a huge amount of traffic. Remember to also be active in those communities too, it’s usually frowned upon if you just post your own content.

RSS directories: A simple Google search for top directories here and it’s then just filling out the forms. However the #1 directory to be listed on is Technorati.

Guest posting: Search for blogs your target audience read and approach the editor with an idea for a guest post. The benefits here are that you get yourself in front of your target and you’ll also be allowed to link back to your website.

Publish epic content: Find out what your audience wants and deliver content that solves a problem for them. People will have no problem sharing content that’s relevant to them and will also link back to you in blog post of their own.

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