Kanguro’s magnetic solution is aimed towards helping companies promote themselves more effectively in order to attract more business opportunities. Founded in 2011, it is a Finnish-based communications company specializing in marketing high technology.

An article from the Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology mentions that a single spelling mistake can make companies look like amateurs. This leads people to ignore and reject the marketing communication of companies.

And with the majority of communication being in written format, this means that what biotech companies write in their marketing materials has a profound effect on how they’re perceived by prospects, clients, partners & investors.

“There’s a lot of potential in the Finnish bio-tech sector. But it appears companies are more focused on the features of their products instead of the benefits they deliver. It’s similar to talking about yourself the whole time at a conference” says Kostas Papageorgiou of Kanguro. He adds that, “A more outward approach is needed, where the focus is on what high-tech companies can do for their stakeholders in order to attract the right partners and investors”.

According to a report jointly written by Aalto University, Helsinki University & Stanford University, the Finnish biotech sector was said to need more marketing. It also adds, “The most important promoting factors for partnering were funding and a need for special know-how”. Noting the lack of these resources being the most preventing factors for the Finnish biotech sector to grow.

Kanguro delivers an opportunity for the Finnish biotech sector. By being a company completely focused on marketing high technology, it’s able to create promotional materials through copywriting techniques which assist companies in their marketing efforts.


Notes to Editor

Name: Kostas Papageorgiou

Contact: https://kanguro.fi/contact/

Company Profile

Kanguro  delivers powerful marketing solutions that enables high-tech companies to attract more business opportunities. The company is 100% focused on marketing high technology and provides copywriting & consulting services, guaranteeing your products are promoted effectively and persuasively.