5 Ways To Improve Your Content In The Next 14 Minutes

Whether your just starting out or a seasoned inbound marketer you’ll want to make sure your content is top notch.

There’s a common misconception that quality content needs a lot of time to produce. Most people often opt against creating content for their business for this very reason. But as we very well know, Google is rewarding websites who publish content frequently with higher search engine rankings. Which means content now needs to take centre stage for businesses looking to attract more traffic from search engines.

Blogs on company sites result in 55% more visitors. That’s a major increase for businesses aiming to reach a wider audience. The thing is that folks need a reason to follow your business, which is why content has become such an important element for inbound marketing and search engine optimization.

With or without a blog you can get started with inbound marketing instantly and start publishing remarkable content. Below I’ve listed 5 ways you can improve your content in the next 14mins:

  1. Less is more – Pick a niche topic and focus on what you know best in the beginning.
  2. Gather your content – Repurpose existing marketing material such as presentations, interviews and videos.
  3. Listen to your audience – What keeps your audience up at night? Follow online discussion on LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter to get started.
  4. Take responsibility – Somebody needs to be accountable for content creation, assign a team member or yourself if you’re up for the task.
  5. Get started immediately – There’s no time like the present!

Want to discover more? Check out the full post I orginally published on Cuutio: How To Improve Your Content In Less Than 14mins


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