It’s not everyday I come across an awesome app that I’ll come back to day in and day out. But when I do, I write a positive review about it.

Haiku Deck is an iPad application for creating fun and vibrant presentations. It’s the antithesis of Microsoft’s PowerPoint, which for too long has remained the gold standard for creating presentations.

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Haiku Deck: Light, Simple and Elegant

Haiku Deck is light, simple and easy to use. Unlike other presentation apps, you can only create presentation on your iPad from where you can upload it to your online account. For some that might be a negative, personally I don’t mind because it eliminates the distractions of working on a desktops.

Getting started is incredibly fast. It took less than 10 minutes to explore all the features available and how to use it all. After that I was soon on my way to creating quality presentations in no time at all.

Road warriors are in luck as you can also use Haiku Deck when you’re offline, and the app allows you to store your presentations locally on your iPad. However you’ll be out of luck when searching for images. But you are given a selection of vibrant background colors to choose from.

The image search is something I find incredibly valuable. And is at times more efficient than Flickr’s Creative Commons search. The way it works is that it uses the contents of your slides to suggest keywords to search with and presents you with a selection of relevant images to choose from. You can then re-size and position them however you like.

The Good

  • It’s free to download from the App Store
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Great selection of free themes
  • Online storage for your presentations
  • Social sharing options and PDF export
  • Allows you to submit content to SlideShare

The Bad

  • Unable to add notes on iPad
  • Can’t create and edit presentations from the web account
  • Only available on iPad

Haiku Deck keeps it simple and I love it. No bells and whistles, just the essentials for creating awesome presentations to tell your story. Its PDF export option and note adding also make it a ┬áviable tool for creating ebooks. In fact I used it create the outline for my free ebook, 10 Secrets to Writing Marketing Content that Sells. The thing is that Haiku Deck’s simplicity forces you to focus on the task at hand and actually makes it enjoyable to make presentations. You’re also guaranteed to look like a pro with Haiku Deck.

There are some things that need to be added, but they’re certainly no deal breaker. And from now on I’m saying good riddance to PowerPoint, and using Haiku Deck 100% for future presentations.

And I almost to forgot to mention that you can embed your Haiku Deck onto your website. Here’s an example of something I created a couple of weeks back.

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

Have you tried Haiku Deck? Please share your thoughts in the comments below