Kanguro: 6 annoying things in powerpoint presentations

What are the six most annoying things about presentations? Whether you’re at University, a conference or business meeting, you’ll most likely be part of an audience listening to a presentation. Some of them are good. While with others, you tend to doze off and be constantly looking at the clock waiting for it to end. I’m here to talk to you about those boring, mind numbing presentations you have to bear through. And here are six of the most annoying things a presenter can do for a nullifying PowerPoint.

Six ways your presentation will be hated by everyone

1.You start rambling about yourself

This is where most people stumble. Instead of appealing to a common interest your audience would have in your presentation. The presentation starts off with “I” or “My”.

This is equivalent to meeting someone for the first time and instead of asking, “how are you?” You begin the conversation with “Hi! I’m awesome and so is my idea.”

Not a very good first impression now is it? Nonetheless, start off with a question and focus on what your audience would find interesting to start engaging with them immediatly.

2. Your slides are pages from a novel

Presentation are there for you to talk, and for the audience to listen to. Not for the audience to read off your slides nor watch you read off them too.

Slides are meant for emphasizing a point you’re trying to make. Or function as a cue card to help you remember what you’re going say next, with a key word or two. But NOT with an entire slide of text!

Long tails of text distracts everybody in the room. Since we’re all curious to find out what the slide says. We’re less likely to  pay attention to what you’re saying.

3. Flashy animations & transitions

Okay, PowerPoint comes installed with these nifty and extravagant transitions. Great! Now, is that going to impress your audience? Probably not.

Keep it simple and don’t go overboard with the animations and transitions in the program. If you’re reading this, you’re probably not going to be presenting in front of 5 year-olds, who would think it’s cool.

4. Hard to read, not to the point tables and charts

At some point during your presentation, you’ll have to present statistics to drive home your point. Usually what I see, is people copy & pasting an image found on the Internet onto their slide. It’s usually out of ratio and it’s filled with other non-relevant data.

Instead, make them simple and easy on the eyes. Remember you’re trying to proof your point when showing tables & charts. Also consider making your own table/chart with the data you collected and turn it into something more visually appealing

5. Red & green i.e. Poor color combinations

Take a look at the colors you use and ask whether it’s easy to read the text. If not, change it immediately!

Some colors to avoid for example are yellow on white & red on green. Using those color combinations will most likely annoy your audience because of the difficulty in reading your slides.

And also never use more than 3 colors in your PowerPoint –  two colors would be optimal.

6. Microscopic font sizes

This is related to reason number one. If your slides weren’t filled with text, you wouldn’t need to use small fonts.

Make sure your font is easy to read and big enough for the people at the back to see. Avoid long paragraphs in your slides as it gives your audience too much to read and diverts attention away from you.

Remember the text on your slides is to emphasize a point your making. Keep bullet points to a maximum of five and the number of words to six per bullet point.