How To Create A Content Strategy

content strategy

Yes – I know. It’s a boring thing to do. And I bet you’re just raring to go here. But hold on – for just one minute. Because asking yourself the important questions in the beginning will pay dividends in the end. Imagine spending countless hours creating content, only to find it hasn’t delivered the results you wanted. Sucks, doesn’t it!? And that’s time you won’t get back!

A content strategy helps plan out your content creation, its deliver and governance. But most importantly it’s a way to outline your audience’s needs – something critical to achieving the results you desire.

So what are the first steps to creating your content strategy? Here’s a bare-bones outline of what to do:

  1. Define your objectives
  2. Know your audience
  3. Identify your calls to actions
  4. Decide what content to publish
  5. Determine how often you’ll publish
  6. Decide where you’re going to publish

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