The Coffee Table: This Week In #Startups (9.6.2013)

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Top startup blogs and coffee

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that there’s never a shortage of news about the hottest startups, the latest gadgets and useful tips to help grow your startup.

That’s why I’m happy to introduce The Coffee Table – a weekly roundup of the hottest startup stories to hit the blogosphere.

Handpicked by yours truly – I hope this roundup helps you discover useful new content you may have missed during the week.

The Coffee Table will be short and sweet so can read it while sitting back and enjoying a warm cup of coffee (or tea).

With that said, here’s the weekly roundup of what happened in the startup world.

8 SaaS apps that are changing the way we do business: I probably check out app reviews at least an hour a day – I just love finding new apps. Over at TNW,  asks 8 successful entrepreneurs which SaaS apps have the potential to change how we do business.

Sales Leads On A Small Budget:  Want to generate more leads on a budget? Fred Wilson asks Russell Sachs from WorkMarket what their secrets are. Well worth reading if you’re sales are flat and need a little boost.

100 AngelList Startups To Watch: How Many Are New To You?: The folks at ReadWrite decided to gather a collection of the top 100 startups on AngelList – which one is your favorite?

Eye on Southeast Asia: 6 Tips for Growing and Managing a Multi-Country Startup Operation: Kiren – co-founder and CEO-Asia of Foodpanda – describes the startup scene in Southeast Asia and how startups have set up base in different countries to attract investors’ interest.

Why VCs should love hardware startups: Skip Fleshman – a partner at Asset Management Ventures – discusses the merits of hardware startups and highlight several examples for VCs to take a second look.

What about you? Did you find anything interesting this week? Please share your links in the comments below.

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