The Coffee Table: This Week In #Startups (11.5.2013)

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Top startup blogs and coffee

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that there’s never a shortage of news about the hottest startups, the latest gadgets and useful tips to help grow your startup.

That’s why I’m happy to introduce The Coffee Table – a weekly roundup of the hottest startup stories to hit the blogosphere.

Handpicked by yours truly – I hope this roundup helps you discover useful new content you may have missed during the week.

The Coffee Table will be short and sweet so can read it while sitting back and enjoying a warm cup of coffee (or tea).

With that said, here’s the weekly roundup of what happened in the startup world:

4 Things Your Startup Needs to Attract Venture Capital: Venture capital can get a startup racing out of the starting blocks like Usain Bolt. In this post, Elisha Hartwig discusses what’s required from startups to get their hands on some much needed investment.

How To Go From $0 To $1,000,000 In Two Years: This was the post to kickstart your Monday morning! James Altucher spoke with Braintree founder Bryan Johnson about how he got his startup to the million dollar milestone in two years.

3 [Awesome] Ways to Identify Your Biggest Fans & Collect Customer Testimonials: Happy customers are usually the best people to sell your product. In this post, Lindsey Kirchoff outlines 3 ways to help you identify who those happy customers are and put your word of mouth marketing on steroids!

Mark your calendars! Our guide to the best Berlin conferences this summer: Venture Village has a habit of delivering some handy lists. And this one is no different. With the summer approaching Berlin plays host to some interesting events worth checking out if you’re in the area.

The Pitch Deck We Used To Raise $500K For Our Startup: I just love it when folks share startup stories and resources like this. This post written by Buffer cofounder Leo Widrich is a must read for anyone who wants to get a feel of what it takes to raise $500K

Singapore the big sucker for foreign startups?: Sillicon Valley feels like it’s always in the news! This post however describes the ecosystem in South East Asia and some neat perks the Singaporean government handouts to foreign startups.

Space Entrepreneurs Taming the Final Frontier: I won’t deny it – I’m a big Star Trek fan! And while some of these companies aren’t exactly young, you’ve got to praise them for what they’re aiming to achieve. Plus it’s pretty darn cool!

Found anything interesting this week? Feel free to share your own discoveries by commenting below

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