The Coffee Table: This Week In #Startups (22.3.2013)

favorite tech and startup blogs on the coffee tableThere’s just a ton of information out there! And we’re certainly not short on blogs covering the latest technology, entrepreneurship, growth startups, new apps and tips to grow your business. The great thing is that there’s something new happening everyday. But keeping up with everything is difficult.

That is why I’m happy to introduce The Coffee Table – a weekly roundup of the hottest headlines related to startups to hit the blogosphere.

Handpicked by yours truly – I hope this roundup will help you discover useful new content you may have missed during the week.

The Coffee Table will be short and sweet so can go through it while enjoying your coffee (or tea).

With that said, I present the first weekly roundup of useful content for startups.

5 things you need to know about venture capital in Brazil – Written by Hoolie TejwaniR. Blaize WallaceNick Holda, and Sean Bonawitz. These second-year MBA candidates spent one month in Brazil exploring its VC ecosystem. They discuss what they learned over at VentureBeat, and have a more detailed report ready for you to download. Definetely worth checking out if you want to discover more about South America’s startup scene.

12 PR Don’ts For Online Entrepreneurs – Looking for PR coverage for your startup? You better avoid these mistakes. KillerStartups asks 12 entrepreneurs their opinion what PR mistakes are to be avoided to get journalists to cover you.

How to Fit Two Weeks Worth of Luggage Under the Airplane Seat in Front of You – If you do a lot of traveling – this is the post for you! Written by Adam Dachis, he gives you some very useful tips on how to pack more effectively, and avoid those extra luggage fees.

Be Your Own VC: How to Vet a Startup Before You Join – How to vet a startup like a venture capitalist? Joe Chernov, VP of marketing for Kinvey, discusses why should do your due diligence before joining a startup and how to do it. This post is ideal for anybody looking to work for a startup, and also something for startups to see how VCs evaluate your business.

How I Met 75 Investors and Raised $650,000 – This is my favorite post of the week! Love With Food CEO Aihui Ong shows her tenacity by explaining how she raised capital for her startup and got meetings with investors. It’s full of practical advice. And I highly recommend you check this post out if you’re looking for funding.

6 reasons startups should consider selling to small businesses, not big enterprises - Andrew Gazdecki – founder and CEO of Bizness Apps – discusses why startups should consider selling to small businesses instead of large corporations. And outlines six advantages for having small businesses as your customers.

What did you think of the roundup? Leave a comment on any suggestions you have and feel free to suggest your favorite posts too.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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