blogEasy review

Recently I’ve been playing around with two blogging desktop applications for the Mac, MarsEdit 3 and BlogEasy. Among bloggers MarsEdit remains the king of desktop publishing, at least when the Mac is concerned. But while it gives a wealth of options in terms of blog compatibility, I found switching between the rich text and HTML editor a pain since WordPress doesn’t offer markdown support. I won’t get into the technicals here, but apparently a workaround needs a plugin (as if there aren’t enough installed)

So I decided to look for alternatives. I’m a daily reader of Mac.AppStorm and remember they had reviewed BlogEasy a while back. I was excited. Maybe there’s a much needed alternative to give MarsEdit a run for its money.

BlogEasy Review

Sadly that excitement was short-lived and boy was I in for a shock. BlogEasy has got nothing on MarsEdit. It’s basically only good for publishing text, there isn’t way to upload media files and it only supports WordPress. Granted its their v1.x, and as a simplistic blog publishing tool, it may work for some. However for serious bloggers who want to upload images, and post to other blogging platforms – it just doesn’t cut it unfortunately.

BlogEasy Screenshot

Of course you can link to external images using HTML and Markdown, but I find it’s easier and safer to upload them because you never know if the link to the image will ever become broken.

The Good

  • Markdown support
  • Allows you to insert custom excerpt
  • Minimalistic design
  • Easy to get started

The Bad

  • Can only choose one blog category to publish
  • No way to view, edit and add pages
  • Cannot view previous posts and edit them
  • Formatting options non-existent
  • You can only save drafts locally, so it’s not possible to send it to WordPress as a draft

Overall I’m curious to see what direction BlogEasy is going to take. Obviously there some much needed features to be included if it plans to compete with MarsEdit. Such sending posts as drafts to WordPress and including formatting options out of the box.

BlogEasy is currently priced at €8.99 over at Mac App Store. In case you want to test-drive the app before parting with your hard-earned cash – I highly recommend you download the trial version on their website.

For what it’s worth, I’m sticking with MarsEdit. Even though it’s €35,99, it’s reliable and gets the job done no problem. When it comes to BlogEasy, well, as I said, they got some way to go.

What tools do you use for blogging?