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This blog post is legen – wait for it – dary! Is what Barney Stinson would say as he’s reading this.

As you might have guessed, Barney is a fictional character from the show “How I Met Your Mother?” He’s most memorable for his distinctive jokes, cunning schemes and eccentric character. Throughout its seven seasons, Barney Stinson has become a favorite for many fans of the show.

Despite his faults, Barney still manages to teach us all a lesson in something. Today’s being, how to be awesome at copywriting – the Barney Stinson way.

What can we learn from Barney Stinson?

Be awesome

Don’t be shy about talking how great your product is. Because, if you don’t have the confidence and believe in your product, nobody else will!

What Barney Stinson does, is come up with extravagant schemes and stories on the show. Making him the most memorable character on the show. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope a little bit with your copy.

Legen – wait for it – dary!

By taking the advice above. You’ll be on the road to becoming legen – wait for it – dary!

The other thing you can do is craft your copy in a way that turns the product into something legendary. Go hyperbole here and see what you come up with. Let yourself loose and you just might surprise yourself!

Suit up!

Barney always need to be wearing a suit. Even when he goes to bed; he has a pyjama suit!

Nevertheless, your copy also needs to suit up. Team up with an awesome graphics designer to give your copy a breathtaking suit to wear. Because you’ll have more readers gazing at the content with a quality suit surrounding it.


Barney is great at telling stories. In every episode he tells stories in an elaborate manner. Even though copywriting is essentially writing to sell. It’s all about captivating your audience by creating a story around the product.

Learn the art of storytelling and you’ll have mastered the skill of selling through the written word.

Be a master of human behavior

Throughout the course of the show we see Barney dictating situations with his friends and creating brilliant schemes. It’s all made possible because Barney is a master of human behavior – making him an expert in the art of persuasion.

Barney knows what drives people’s motivations. And when it comes to copywriting, it’s a valuable skill to have. Because it can drive increases in sales and leads that grow your business.

Have a Bro Code

The Bro Code is somewhat of a religion to Barney. It’s a set of rules and standards he lives by during the show.

Essentially, your Bro Code is a set of best practices and guidelines for when you’re writing copy. That allows you to remain consistent throughout the process of writing copy. For example your Bro Code could include things such as; what words to use and avoid, the length of sentences and how you want your audience to feel.

Now you’re ready to becoming awesome at copywriting. Barney style! But, you can become even more awesome by checking out these posts and sharing them online.

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