9 Inspiring Posts On Finding A Co-Founder

Two heads are better than one! At least that’s how the saying goes. I know it’s a cliche, but when startups are involved – having a partner certainly makes the adventure more enjoyable. Think about you favourite companies and products, there’s always at least two people who set the balls in motion.

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Steve Jobs and Wozniak both started Apple, Ben Silberman and Evan Sharp co-founded Pinterest and one of my favourite social media tools Buffer, was founded by Leo Widrich and Joel Gascoigne. I guess the only example I can think of a lone founder making it big is Jeff Bezos with Amazon.

I attend a fair share of startup events and every time I come across people with great ideas, but it’s always accompanied with one major obstacle stopping them from pushing forward. And that is the absence of a co-founder, most commonly a technical one!
I’ve been saying this for years, that a business degree on its own is useless! You need to combine it with a skill that allows you to build something. This might be coding, carpentry and even knitting.

So if your background is in business, learn some code over at Codecademy. That’s one way to get the attention of prospective founders. But what else can you do? Here are nine inspirational posts on finding a co-founder I’ve gathered from the web.

Who Else Wants A Co-Founder?

How to find a technical co-founder? – Find out what equity stake to offer your technical co-founder and other things you can offer them in return for their skills. Remember that your technical person wants to feel valued and respected!

Technical co-founders are overrated – Don’t let this title fool you! This post explains why you should get into the groove of  coding and start building your prototype immediately. To earn a technical co-founder, you need something to show for it.

5 creative ways to find a technical co-founder – A great set of tips from Micha to get you started on finding your other half. I follow his advice personally and recommend others to do too.

Please, please, please stop asking how to find a technical co-founder – A very honest post about searching for your tech person. Here Jason explains how you earn a technical co-founder with these five useful tips.

Nailing that elusive technical co-founder – Andy talks about the shortage of technical entrepreneurs in 2012. The post showcases the steps non-tech founders need to take to catch their technical co-founder.

3 Biggest Mistakes When Choosing a Cofounder – This one is from Dharmesh Shah, blogger at OnStartups.com. He talks about from experience about the themes that have emerged around partnering with cofounders.

5 Things to Look for in a Co-Founder – Mashable delivers an in-depth post on what to look out for in co-founders. Definitely worth taking a look at!

3 Key Tips For Attracting A Technical Co-Founder – It’s hard to find a startup that is not doing anything tech-related which is why technical co-founders are in high demand. Michael Hughes gives you 3 tips to finding a technical co-founder over at ReadWrite.

How to hack the recruitment process to find the best developers for your startup or agency – Want to find the best people for your startup? Check out this article by Jason Cartwrightwho talks about his experience with recruiters and why you should avoid them. He also gives his own practical tips on how to approach recruitment process.

So there you have it, nine inspiring posts to help you find a co-founder. Finding that right person is not easy and it’s a lot like dating. You want to find some one you can trust, who pulls their weight, contributes, stays by your side in good times and tough, and is always there for you!

What challenges have you faced when looking for a co-founder?

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