8 Content Marketing Ideas for Emergencies

lightbulb - 8 Content Marketing Ideas for Emergencies

Sometimes it’s really hard to come up with compelling content. You might be having a bad, or you’re just out of ideas. In any case, it’s a situation every content marketer hates and finds frustrating. Needless to say, content creation is at the heart of our jobs and vital to lead-generation and search engine visibility.

How can you prevent a content marketing emergency – and always have a supply of awesome ideas? Here are 8 ideas to get you started:

  1. Interview
  2. Customer Stories
  3. Productivity Tips
  4. Industry New Analysis
  5. Cover an Event
  6. Share Photos
  7. Review an Application, Product or Service
  8. Content Curation

For a more detailed look, check out the full post on Cuutio by clicking the following link: What To Publish When You’re Short On Ideas?

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