What is a promotional email?

Promotional emails are similar to sales letters where they are delivering a promotional message to the prospect. However the promotional email is delivered electronically, instead of being sent through the post.

The advantage to sending a promotional email is, it’s fast, cheap to make and send out. There’s not need to pay for postage and wait for it to be delivered.

On the other hand, your email might not even see the light of day. Spam filters can stop your message being read by prospects. Even if it passes the spam hurdle, there is still the actual reader you need to convince that your email is of value to keep and read.

Regardless of the filters, promotional emails can an excellent way to generate leads, increase traffic to your site and sell products.

Here are some things you should avoid, to make your email campaign a success:

1. Having a weak opening

What ‘s the major benefit your product delivers? What difference can your product make to the reader’s life? Always begin the email by giving your audience a reason to continue scrolling down. Start it off with a bang! And not a long-winded introduction about your company and industry.

2. Not having calls to action

Here is where promotional emails differ from sales letters. Place your call to action somewhere in the beginning of your email. Your readers might only read the first few paragraphs and not bother scrolling down. With that mind you want to make sure they know what your call to action is.

3. Writing formally

Use simple language in your emails. There’s no need for big words here, as email messages tend to be less formal. Use “help” instead of “assist” and “get” instead of “obtain”. Remember you’re trying to communicate with your readers, so make sure they understand what you’re saying.

4. Long paragraphs

The truth of the matter is, long paragraphs in advertising copy puts people off. Make it easy by having 2-3 sentences in a paragraph. And remember, one line paragraphs are also fine.

5. Talking about “we”, “our company”, etc.

Make your email personal to the reader. Don’t jabber on about yourself, always consider the reader when writing. They might not be so into who you are and what you do. But more interested in benefits of the products you deliver.

6. Lousy subject lines

Keep subject lines short and to the point. Because they’re read vertically, try to include your key words at the beginning.

7. Writing long sentences

Try to keep your sentences to around 10 around. Long sentences can become hard to understand, leading your readers to junk your email altogether.

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