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4. You’re focusing on features

I understand you’re proud of your products features, but what does it do for me?

What’s your value proposition? What problem are you solving for me? Think about what you’re going to sell in terms of benefits to your buyers.

5. It doesn’t solve a problem

Related to reason number 4. If you’re not solving a problem or making someone’s life easier more convenient – then they’re not going to buy!

6. You’re trying to be the next Facebook

We’re seeing Google try to challenge Facebook’s position with Google+. Attempting to be the number one social network. And unless Facebook really screws up to prompt everyone to switch. Google+ will have it’s work cut out for itself.

What I’m trying to say is – don’t try and imitate other organizations such as, Apple, Microsoft, Rovio & Nokia. Because people will dismiss and ignore what you’re setting out to achieve as unrealistic.

And to be a winner you need to be different! You won’t get much attention if you’re perceived as an imitator. Take note, Coca-Cola still leads the beverage market ahead of Pepsi!

And as Todd Henry, author of The Accidental Creative says, “Cover bands don’t change the world!”

7. You’re talking to me in a different language

What I mean by this is that you’re talking to me using technical jargon, I and other people do not understand.

I tend to talk to lot of people involved in technology and almost every time I hear them using abbreviations or terms I haven’t heard of before.

Make it easy for everyone to understand and put it in terms a six-year-old understands.

Don’t expect people to admit or ask when they don’t understand, they’ll just feel embarrassed.

Take it upon yourself to make it simple for others. if i don’t understand and you don’t make any effort to make it easy –  people will lose interest and you’ll lose their business.

Remember to always ask yourself, “What’s in it for me?” and to keep the needs of your potential customers in mind.

Do you want to share other reasons I may have missed? Why not post them in the comments section below!

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