Ever wondered why people aren’t as passionate about your technology as you are? Chances are, they may not even care and are just being polite by asking you questions.

I’ve listed 7 reasons why people don’t care about your technology. Just remember this post isn’t to rant or criticize anybody. Nor is it my intention to discourage you from building something great. In fact I encourage you to be ambitious and to remember these reasons when you’re looking for visibility

This blog post is based on observations I’ve made at events and my personal experience dealing with technology companies.

So without further ado, I give you the 7 reasons nobody cares about your technology:

1. You’re not Apple

Let’s get this one out-of-the-way first. You’re not Apple, nor Google! With that said – You’ll gain more attention when you achieve something significant.

Meanwhile, expect to be alone in the wilderness in terms of media attention until you start communicating in terms your average Joe understands.

You may very well be developing something great. But you need to have something to show for yourself, e.g. a prototype, demo, or an alpha version to show people.

2. You’re keeping it a secret

Obviously you’ll have friends and family interested in what you’re doing. Along with the people you meet at conferences and networking events. And they want to hear what you’re working on.

By keeping it secret, you slam the door shut to them. And that’s actually quite rude! How do you move forward with the conversation when someone asks you, “What technology are you working on?” And you reply, “Ah, I can’t say. It’s a secret!”

You’ll also shut the door to any possible feedback or potential connection with the person you’re talking to.

And if you’re afraid of somebody stealing your technology/idea? Don’t be! They’ll probably think it’s stupid or already be working on their own idea.

3. I can’t find any information

Okay, so you told me what you’re working on. I’m interested. I want to find out more, so I visit your website. And what do I find? Nothing! Just your company name, a nice picture and a message saying “Coming soon” or “Under construction”.

At least have something there for me to remember you by. Have a sign-up form so I can receive updates. Or a blog with a short summary telling me what you’re working on and what progress you’re making.

Don’t worry! It doesn’t end here. The post was just way too long to publish in one go – so I split it into two parts.

Read more about reasons 4 – 7 in part 2, click here Or read it all in one view here

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