52 Ways to Spark Your Creativity

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A friend of mine recently asked me for advice on creativity. And as I’ve mentioned in an earlier post –  we all have the ability to be creative! But one way or the other, we believe we don’t have the ability – or we’re not confident enough to feel we can produce something creative. Here’s a short answer to his question.

52 Ways to Spark Your Creativity

  1. Take risks
  2. Go for a jog
  3. Listen to some music
  4. Visit a new place for inspiration
  5. Take a hike
  6. Get your friends involved
  7. Ask for feedback
  8. Take a break
  9. Meditate
  10. Look for ways you can combine two things
  11. Make list of how things make you feel
  12. Carry a note book where ever you go
  13. Jot down how certain things make you feel
  14. Combine things that are totally unrelated to each other
  15. Cover your whole desk with paper & let your mind run wild (let others join in too)
  16. Take a different route to work
  17. Try out coworking spaces like this
  18. Go on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn for feedback & ideas
  19. Read!
  20. Don’t be afraid of failure
  21. Sleep on it
  22. Distract yourself with something inspirational
  23. Write down every idea you have
  24. Hangout with creative people
  25. Don’t worry about being original
  26. Avoid comparing yourself to what others have done
  27. Keep an open mind
  28. Visit an art gallery
  29. Ask questions
  30. Challenge everything
  31. Make a mindmap
  32. Visit a bar and watch people
  33. Enjoy some quality coffee
  34. Pay a visit to a design shop
  35. Create a flow chart
  36. Make a storyboard
  37. Go out and play
  38. Reward yourself
  39. But punish yourself for being unproductive
  40. Explore new things
  41. Avoid settling for the first idea you come up with
  42. Adopt the Apollo 13 mentality
  43. Don’t rule any ideas out
  44. Try working in a cafe every now and then
  45. Do something boring
  46. Write down the first thing that come to your mind
  47. Network with somebody new everyday
  48. Listen to your gut feeling
  49. Spend more time outside
  50. Take a shower
  51. Be aware of your surroundings, there’s inspiration everywhere
  52. Share this list and ask for more suggestions


  1. […] Coming up with creative new ideas is about switching your line of thought to something you’re not used to. Typically in these meetings you’re put into a room you’re all too familiar without any stimuli to provoke creative thinking. […]

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