5 Must Read Posts on Branding

Establishing a brand for your company will require a lot of capital from you. That is if you’re setting out to be the next global brand in your industry. So what is a brand? A brand can be a symbol or a name of a product, service and company. Your “brand” is essential what people think or feel when they hear it.

The value of your brand comes down to the amount of sales it can leverage without the need for advertising – and your ability to charge a premium for your product. Luckily there are ways to get you started with branding that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Here are four blogs to get you started:

The Psychology of Color

Let’s start with the basics. Colors. What you want your brand to stand for? What are your values? And how do you want people to feel about you? This inforgraphic explains the effects different colors have on people. I wonder what a mixture of brown & orange could stand for?

Why Your Brand Is Everything

Matthew Kepnes of Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site talks about the importance of your brand in his guest post for ProBlogger. He also offers some tips on how you can strengthen your brand too.

7 Ways to Better Brand Your Business

Seven handy and practical tips from The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur on branding. All of which don’t require a treasure chest for a budget. Check out number 7 for a cheap way to get people asking about your business wherever you go.

A quick guide to naming your business

Thinking up a name for your business can one of the most daunting tasks. Thankfully Entrepreneur.com published this quick guide. The name of your business, product or service will become your brand. So choose wisely!

The perfect way to name a company

Sticking with the theme of naming your business. Jeff Haden delivers a way for you to come up with a name in 5 minutes. Definitely worth a read, if you’re stuck on naming your business.

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