Undecided as to whether you have to hire a copywriter? Maybe you want to learn more about why hiring a copywriter is a fantastic idea.

Unlike other blog posts on the internet, who will give as little as 3 reasons to as much as 10. I’ve decided to give you an extensive list of reasons why you should hire a copywriter. Copyblogger’s post of “5 Situations that Demand You Hire a Professional Copywriter” will give you five reasons to hire a copywriter. But in this post, I’ve went ahead and listed 21 compelling reasons. That’s right. 21 reasons! That’ll make you think twice before you try to write your own marketing materials.

21 reasons you need to hire a copywriter

1. Because we write to sell

You want more sales and better leads, don’t you? A copywriter doesn’t write for the sake of writing. But writes to sell or promote something! Each word is specially chosen to persuade prospects to buy.

2. Copywriters deliver a fresh perspective

Because you’re too involved in the everyday operations of your business, it tends to cloud your judgment when it comes to marketing. Copywriters can come in and deliver an objective perspective for your business.

3. Copywriters bring creativity to the table

Because we come into your business as outsiders with an objective perspective. Copywriters are able to look at problems from different angles and find unorthodox solutions.

4. Copywriters craft attention grabbing headlines

Headlines can make or break your advertising! When an email flies into your inbox, how often do you decide whether the mail is worth your attention based on the subject title?

Headlines work the same way as email subject lines do. Copywriters know that 80% of readers just read headlines when browsing online. And will make every effort to ensure that the best headline is used to attract the most readers.

5. Copywriters make it personal

Everybody wants to feel special, right? Even your prospects and customers. That’s why copywriters write in a warm, friendly and engaging tone to make them feel appreciated, like you would be talking to them personally.

6. Copywriters know what writing style to use

Whether its writing for print, websites, reports or case studies – copywriters know what writng style to use for clearly communicating the benefits of your products.

7. Copywriters save you time

When a copywriter finishes the content for you, it’s yours to keep – you own the copyright (depending on the terms of service). That means you don’t have to start from scratch in the future when you need to write something new. Because you own the copyright, you can re-purpose the work any way you like.

8. Copywriters save you money

You can try writing copy yourself, but you’ll be running behind on your tasks. Investing in a copywriter will save you money over time as you don’t have to abandon your core responsibilities.

9. Copywriters are cheaper than ad agencies

Ad agencies can give you the full package for your marketing efforts. But because of their size and overheads, you’ll be paying more for an ad agency than you would for a copywriter.

10. Copywriters make your business grow

When words are carefully chosen to sell you have a much better chance of attracting higher sales figures and impressing prospects

11. Copywriters create an identity for your business

Copywriting is an integral part of creating your corporate identity. It’s ultimately the words on your materials that tells people what your company does.

Do you want to be the boring professor at university – or the professor everybody likes and pays attention to? Trust me, you’ll attract more buyers and investors if you chose the latter option and hire a copywriter.

12. Copywriters keep it simple

We don’t want to bore people with long unnecessary text. But keep them interested in the most appealing and relevant way possible.

13. Copywriters understand customers

Part of marketing is understanding the psychology behind influencing people. That’s why copywriters also spend their time learning how consumers behave.

14. Copywriters improve your image

How many times have you been impressed with grammar mistakes? A copywriter spots mistakes and improves your marketing material for more persuasion.

15. Copywriters deliver effective marketing content

Copywriters not only know how to write, but are experts in marketing. You can rely on them to deliver effective copy and new ideas for your marketing campaigns.

16. Copywriters can differentiate your business

Do you think long and hard about which brand of sugar you’re going to buy? Chances are that you don’t. That’s because it blends in with all the other products on display – it’s generic and doesn’t jump out for your attention. Hiring a copywriter ensures your company stands out from the competition with beautiful writing.

17. Copywriters study your competition

Copywriters will hunt for weaknesses your competitors have to develop a unique selling proposition for your company. You’ll know exactly what the competition is doing so that you’ll be original.

18. Because you don’t have the time to write

You have a million other things to do and copywriting can take up what little time you have. Luckily hiring a copywriter can relieve you of the stress of getting your marketing materials ready.

19. Because you’re not an expert in copywriting

You may have gotten praised for your writing skills in an academic setting. However that doesn’t prepare you for writing effective messages to your prospects. You need content that persuades prospects into paying customers.

20. Copywriters are 100% focused on writing quality content

The truth of the matter is that most of our time goes into improving ourselves as copywriters. Copywriters write for a living because they deliver quality content on a regular basis.

21. Because you can’t afford not to!

Whether you’re casting off on your first major marketing campaign or on the verge of launching your product. You’d want to hire a copywriter to guarantee that you make an amazing impression.

Content filled with grammatical blunders destroy your credibility and limit profit making opportunities!